My first set on Polyvore


– What is it?

Polyvore is a community social commerce website who somebody can shared, shopping, created about fashion, make up, home decor or Arts, etc.  We usually know about fashion who makes us confident from head to toe, absolutely, you can buy these stuffs cause Polyvore, or good choice to business! I’ve been found many creative members who making a very beautiful and unique sets all the time, it makes me happy that many people has a lot of new ideas to create on. Also, here’s usually use “Be Original” to support campaign without copy paste of other members.

– Who Am I?

My name Sawitri, 25 year old who lives in Jakarta, graduated france literature, currently, i’m freelance writer in Bandung, Indonesia. My studies brought me a lots of knowledges, such as fashion, languages, culture, and many more. I love reading, DIY, cooking, swimming, photography, playing guitar, listening to music and doing creativity as much as i can :D.

– How can you describe of your passion?

When i was child, i’m usually sewing many clothes for barbie, that’s  inspiring me to be a designer and i love fashion! ‘Til now, i’m still dreaming have a shop haha… Even i’m not have a shop yet but i’m happy can join with Polyvore. Since i’m graduated literature français, i’ve known many fashion designers and very adorable! I wish, i can work in magazine as a fashion editor.

– How did you find Polyvore?

Well, i found Polyvore when i saw on facebook one year ago, 2013,  my friend share an amazing outfits, i opened it, i’m fallin in love at first!! But rejoined on November, 2014, due tight of my thesis. Also, Polyvore has many wonderful sets that i have never been seen before, such an excited to spend my leisure time to making set. I always share unusual clothes, create design, layouts, also that make me always self-confidence, also don’t be afraid to expression! As you known, not only woman joined on Polyvore, but kids and men are joined as well. There were also has many contests that build your sets become famous, useful to wear, shared an inspirations and get the trophies if your design deserves it. Cause Polyvore, i know each items that i don’t know before.

– What’s your sets type on Polyvore? Can you describe it?

Hmmm, my typical sets are mostly black and white, simple, unique, and put some pictures or abstract design, i think it’s important. I spend time about thirty minutes or several hours to find perfect match, and comfy with my imaginations. I’m here totally addicted, that’s why i’m fallen in love with Polyvore. Create your own style, and people will remember you, also respect of others members.

– What trends are big here?

Indonesian’s people have a good sense of style, which tropical weather, young women are usually wearing casual outfits and edgy look. Sneakers and platform are big trends, combine with skirt. And, boys are wearing simple shirt that make them comfy.

– What is your sense of style?

I always wearing casual style and simple dress with sporty look, mostly with colourful or vintage clothes from my mom’s outfit. I love blue, red and black. Personally, i’m simple young woman and not always wearing many stuffs, accessories are mostly combine i must to wear because i love simple bracelets and necklaces, even your outfits not looks cool, but accesories always cover up and looks adorable. I’m not a huge fan of heels, because my height 170cm. Sneakers and leather bag are good enough to combine for my daily. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t follow trends. Here are some of my street style.

Camera 360

– What is your fav brand/designer?

If i choose who is the best designer, i will choose all, because they have their own creativity and i think it’s cool with their passion! Even i’m from SouthEast Asia but it doesn’t make me lack sense of fashion. As known, Indonesia has many rich of beautiful cultures, languages, people, and islands, so lucky to be here. Here has many list of famous Indonesia designers, i love Anne Avantie, Sebastian Gunawan, Dian Pelangi, and Biyan. I love vintage from Chanel , simple colourful from Delpozo, and Prabal Gurung with amazing patterned.

Here are some Indonesia’s designer :

Anne Avantie-horz

Anne Avantie (left), Biyan, Dian Pelangi, Sebastian Gunawan

– How we can join with?

You can join on website http://www.polyvore.com and let be your passion create your sets and go shopping! 😀

Hope you can enjoy with my blog and have a great day!

Cheers 🙂


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