– DIY Valentine Gifts –

- DIY Valentine Gifts -
Wow! This is begin again, February! What are you doing in leisure time, especially Valentine’s day? Even i don’t have a precious relation with someone, but it doesn’t makes me down, i have many precious people around me such as family, soul friend, and everyone who loves me pure, thank you so much dears!!.
I’m really excited to share beautiful ideas such as crafts or DIY, cause it’s really valuable than you give an expensive gift for him, it’s not usually for him, you can give these gift for parents, sister, brother, friends or colleagues, pretty sure, they would be happy. And i wanna give you some idea which it’s really awesome gift. Firstly, it’s really cheap not need much money or broken your piggy bank, Lol. I believe your soulmate would be happy about this gift.
All you need for this:
* Tape/glitter glue
* Ribbon and greeting card
* Empty Mason Jar
* Sprinkle
* Polaroid photo couple/friend/family
Hope you like these idea, they are all so fun and easy to make, don’t be afraid about price, absolutely you can find it easy without spend much money.

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