Have a Nice Day

Hello everyone! What’s up? I hope you all have a wonderful day. I think it’s not complete if you don’t hear and watch these amazing videos covers that make your day always smiling. Hope you like it.

1. Thinking Out Loud / I’m Not The Only One MASHUP (Sam Tsui & Casey Breves)

2. Maroon 5 – Sugar (Tyler Ward Acoustic Cover)

3. Megan Nicole – Love Song Mash Up (Love Me Like You Do)

4. Happy – Pharrell Williams (Boyce Avenue cover)

Thanks for watching.

Cheers 🙂  


Semak Daun Island, Kepulauan Seribu, Indonesian

bday baruPicture 129

Welcome to my beautiful place!

Firstly, i wanna share about Semak Daun Island. Semak Daun is one of the islands in the Thousands Islands. It has  some spectacular coral, a few young mangroves and a lovely white sandy beach. I  love this spot when i have to see some coral or play with waves. I’ve visited four days ago.

It is a practically deserted tropical island roughly the size of a large football field.  Because, this is one of the little island in the Thousand Islands. But, if you want  take a bath after you were swimming, snorkeling etc, probably you will shocked because you can not found fresh water but you will take a bath with sea water and really salty 😛 , but do not be afraid, you can take a bath with fresh water  and you can buy fresh water and pay five thousand rupiah for 1 littre 😀 .

You can access this island from other islands in the Pulau Seribu area (Thousand Islands), such as Pulau Pramuka (Pramuka Island) which is the capital island of Pulau Seribu regency. Just hire a small boat for the day for a few hundred thousand rupiah.

bday baruPicture 169                                                                                                 

bday baruPicture 119

bday baruPicture 139

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This place is perfect to relax, swimming, snorkeling, camping, diving and see some coral and sea grass. I love this place so much. Bring your own drinks and water, but please, take them off the island as well. Please keep cleanliness… Happy weekend 😀

Vintage Car

“Bemo” it was called is, very unique and mini vehicle (pretend to be a gnome) who able contain about four passengers everyday, depends on their aims. Actually, i wasn’t realized that my wanderlust had an amazed moment with those vintage car when i was child, i don’t know when i usually used it for go through at first time around Jakarta street and it was looks crazy circumstances that you haven’t yet before with your besties or your family, only hangout or spend time in leisure time of course :D. At least, i really felt thankful for these vintage cars who has already filled worthwhile day in my childhood, especially these sounds really noisy and it would be explode your ears all the time haha… It was taken when i, my sister and mother were visited my aunt’s home in Tebet, Jakarta. Unfortunately, these vintage cars are always unavailable today due all humans better choose their decision with, such as private vehicle and busway (public fast bus transportation) than Bemo, because he has not good safety for passengers that the pollution (of a vehicle engine) has been breathless in the capital city. I agree which will see a hospitality of public transportation is very important no matter what.

Happy holidays and cheers 🙂

Vintage Car